Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cooking for Charlie Brown

Over the past three months I have been cooking also for Charlie Brown, my now seven-months old son. He is showing signs of appreciation for my cuisine (if we can call the pureed shit I feed him that). But he also shows early signs of preferences: sweet potatoes are always a winner, as are bananas. Other things are a hit or miss (turkey or chicken with gravy, unless sweetened with carrots or prunes, is a no go). All in all he is really being a very good boy, and he eats everything, home made or store bought.

Since I am now a stay-at-stove-dad, for at least a few months, I see no reason to feed Charlie only store bought pots of baby food. I have plenty of time to cook his meals. Especially because babies are not particularly demanding in terms of variety: you can prepare carrots and dates on a Monday and feed him that until Wednesday night. But on the other hand, we also want him to eat store bought food: we want to be able to travel with him without having to worry "where will we cook for him?". He needs to be able to eat the Target bought pot as well as my chicken stew. And so far so good (and he actually seems to prefer the silky texture of store bought food, which I cannot replicate with a home blender). 

Having the baby though has made me reconsider the type of food we buy. Since moving to the US we have increased the amount of organic food we buy. A big chunk of our income goes to Whole Foods, I am afraid to admit. Even after reading Pollan's book, buying organic seems the best choice: at least you are avoiding pesticides. This is especially true now that the baby is involved. So we are buying more and more organic stuff, and even the store bought processed baby food is organic for the most part. 

Since we are not vegetarian, it didn't even occur to us to raise Charlie Brown vegetarian. He has a lot of bacon to eat, I am afraid. When he is out of my house, he can do however he pleases. But there is no escaping my bacon until he is with me, I am afraid. Having said that, most of his diet is vegetarian at the moment. And I must admit that some of the things I cook for him are pretty good also spread on a nice toast: like blended boiled carrots and dates...

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